2022 Summer Day Camp


Camp schedule will be posted shortly with locations and times.

All deposits and camp fees are nonrefundable as May 16th, 2022.

2022 Summer Camp Brochure

Adults! We haven't forgotten about you! This year we are offering an Adult Wellness Camp (July 30th-31st). It is A two-day workshop where adults can develop additional skills and peace of mind. Activities include Balancing Life (e.g., finances, stress, work/life balance), agriculture, and fitness. We are also look for adult volunteers.

Teens, are you up to the challenge of been a counselor? Teenagers will, in addition to all of the summer camp activities, have the chance to develop leadership skills through training and application at camp. Teens are willing to treat each camper, staff, and peers with respect and dignity always and should show a genuine concern for others by communicating, advising, and assisting them. Teen Counselors do not need to pay for the weeks in which they are assisting.