Can Golf Clubs Rust? What You Should Know

Can Golf Clubs Rust

Amidst the serene greens and the gentle clinks of clubs, there’s an often-overlooked aspect that can affect your game and the longevity of your equipment: rust. Yes, the very tools that make your game possible, your golf clubs, can succumb to this relentless natural process. But don’t worry, today we’ll talk about their proper care, … Read more

What Happened to 3Balls? – Merger Details

whats going to happen to 3balls website

In the evolving sphere of golf retail, a major shift has taken place that has caught the attention of golf enthusiasts everywhere. 3Balls, a beloved name in golf equipment, has merged with Global Golf. This move is not just a merger of two companies but a fusion of expertise, inventory, and customer-centric values aimed at … Read more