What Happened to 3Balls? – Merger Details

In the evolving sphere of golf retail, a major shift has taken place that has caught the attention of golf enthusiasts everywhere.

3Balls, a beloved name in golf equipment, has merged with Global Golf.

This move is not just a merger of two companies but a fusion of expertise, inventory, and customer-centric values aimed at redefining how golfers equip themselves for the game.

Key Takeaways

  • 3balls merged with GlobalGolf, uniting two major online golf retailers under Global Value Commerce, Inc., to enhance the shopping experience for golfers.
  • Customers can use their 3balls accounts on GlobalGolf.com, preserving their purchase history and loyalty points, which are converted into GlobalCash.
  • The merger introduces a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for purchases, emphasizing a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Post-merger changes include improved website usability, competitive pricing, and a broader product selection, aiming to offer a redefined and enriched online shopping experience for golf enthusiasts.

The Essence of the Merger

February 21, 2024, marked a new chapter in the world of online golf retail with the official merger of 3balls.com and GlobalGolf.com.

Both platforms have been under the umbrella of Global Value Commerce, Inc. since 2015, and this merger is a strategic step to streamline their operations and enhance the shopping experience for golfers.

With that said, you don’t have to worry, as you will still be able to purchase your favorite equipment and continue hitting those drivers in no time.

What Loyal Customers Must Know?

What Loyal Customers Must Know about 3balls missing

Loyal customers of 3balls are bound to notice several changes, all designed to enrich their shopping experience and provide more value.

Account Integration

A significant benefit of the merger is the seamless integration of customer accounts.

Without the need to create a new account, shoppers can continue using their 3balls credentials on GlobalGolf.com.

This thoughtful approach ensures that the history and loyalty of customers are preserved.

Loyalty Points and Rewards

The loyalty program transition is indeed a highlight. 3balls’ loyalty points have been transformed into GlobalCash, maintaining the value of accumulated rewards and introducing them to GlobalGolf’s UPerks® program.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The introduction of GlobalGolf’s 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee underscores a commitment to customer satisfaction, offering peace of mind with every purchase.

Enhancements and Adjustments

Enhancements and Adjustments - 3balls news

The merger brings about noteworthy improvements and some changes that customers will navigate through.

1. Website and User Experience

Shoppers will discover a more user-friendly website with enhanced trade-in options and more accurate product condition ratings, ensuring a more transparent shopping experience.

2. Pricing and Promotions

Adjustments in pricing and promotions are designed to benefit customers, offering competitive pricing and clear policies regarding promotional codes.

3. Product Selection and Availability

Though the merger has temporarily impacted product availability, the promise of a broader selection and improved logistics is on the horizon.

4. Visual Product Inspection

A change that might be missed is the current lack of images for actual products for sale, a feature valuable for making informed decisions, especially for used items.

Background of the Merger

The merger between 3balls and GlobalGolf may have been a surprise to some, but it was a strategic move long in the making.

Owned by Global Value Commerce, Inc. since 2015, both companies have been leaders in the golf equipment space, with a shared goal of providing the best for golf enthusiasts.

They Already Have the Same Owner

Global Value Commerce, Inc. has been at the forefront of e-commerce for golf equipment, with a vision that includes both 3balls and GlobalGolf.

This merger is a step towards optimizing their collective strengths and offering an unmatched shopping experience.

The Golf Equipment Market at a Glance

The golf equipment market is a dynamic field, with a valuation exceeding USD 7.1 billion in 2023 and an anticipated growth rate of over 4.5% from 2024 to 2032.

Innovations in technology and a trend towards personalization are shaping the future of golf equipment.

Retail, especially online, remains the dominant channel, with North America leading the market share.

Key Market Trends

  • Technological Advancements: Integration of advanced technology in golf equipment is enhancing the game for players of all levels.
  • Personalization: Customization options are becoming a significant trend, allowing golfers to tailor their equipment to their specific needs.
  • Online Retail: The preferred channel for golf equipment shopping, reflecting the convenience and breadth of options available to consumers.

The Golf Equipment Market Overview

The Golf Equipment Market Overview - whats happening to 3balls

Here’s a concise table that encapsulates the golf equipment market dynamics. It provides a snapshot of the market size, anticipated growth, and key components shaping the industry.

Feature Details
Market Size (2023) USD 7.1 billion
CAGR (2024-2032) Over 4.5%
Key Products Golf clubs, balls, gear, footwear, apparel
Impact of COVID-19 Affected visibility and marketing opportunities for brands
Technological Trends Sensors, GPS, data analytics in products
Personalization Trend Customization options for golf clubs
Dominant Channel Online retail
Leading Market North America
Notable Companies Callaway Golf, TaylorMade, Acushnet Holdings (Titleist), Nike Inc.
Nike’s Strategic Move Acquisition of Letsrun.com in April 2023
Market Research Coverage North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa


Can I still return my 3balls purchase after the merger?

Yes, you can return your 3balls purchases through GlobalGolf under the new 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Will the prices of golf equipment increase due to the merger?

Not necessarily. The merger aims to offer more competitive pricing, although specific price changes depend on market dynamics.

Can I still access my purchase history from 3balls on GlobalGolf?

Yes, your purchase history from 3balls will be accessible on GlobalGolf after you log in with your existing account details.

How will the merger affect the availability of rare or hard-to-find golf equipment?

The merger is expected to increase inventory variety, potentially improving the availability of rare items once logistics are streamlined.

Are there any exclusive brands or products now available on GlobalGolf after the merger?

While specific exclusive offerings weren’t mentioned, the merger is likely to broaden the product selection, including possibly exclusive brands.

Will GlobalGolf introduce new loyalty rewards or programs post-merger?

Yes, the integration includes an enhanced loyalty program, the UPerks® program, offering GlobalCash, and potentially new rewards.

Concluding Thoughts

The merger of 3balls and GlobalGolf is a pivotal event in the golf retail industry, promising to enhance the way golfers shop for their equipment.

With streamlined operations, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a unified platform, the future looks bright for golf enthusiasts seeking quality, variety, and value.

As we look ahead, we see that this merger is not just about combining two companies but about creating a destination for everything golf, driven by innovation, customer care, and a passion for the game.